Building a Resilient Mindset

This workshop introduces the practice of mindfulness – a powerful technique for cultivating self-awareness and increasing our capacity for effective self-management. Mindfulness training supports staff to regulate their attention, increase mental agility and better manage unhelpful or unwanted emotional reactions.

Through the practice of mindfulness we can more quickly realise when our attention has wandered away from our task, and create space for a more skilful response to the events of life that don’t go our way.

Through this interactive workshop, participants learn how to apply these skills in everyday life – to increase emotional resilience and stay focused, balanced and on task in the face of adversity and change.

Workshop Content

  • Emotional resilience and mindfulness: enhancing health, performance and relationships
  • Responding to change: developing an open, aware and flexible mind-set
  • Awareness and regulation of thoughts and emotions
  • Skills training: practice of mindfulness-based resilience techniques
  • Stop. Notice. Focus. – mindfulness in action
  • Integrating mindfulness skills into working and personal life.

Integration Resources

Our resilience workshops are skills-based and highly interactive. Participants learn and practice a range of skills they can use throughout their day. To support this we provide high-quality resources including:

  • Comprehensive session notes in pdf format
  • Mp3 audio files of the resilience techniques delivered during the workshops, and
  • Unlimited phone and email contact.

Working Mind app

Through the Working Mind app, participants receive permanent access to key training resources including the workshop notes, mp3 audio techniques, research links and workplace integration tools. The app supports participants to integrate their mindfulness training into working and personal life.

Workshop Delivery

Please note that our resilience workshops are typically  of 1-2 hours duration and are delivered in-house to workplace groups. Recommended maximum group size is 16 participants for 2-hour workshops and 30 participants for 60-90 minute workshops.

Working Mind resilience workshops are available to workplaces around Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston and the Gold Coast.