Resilience Framework

Resilience is our capacity to respond to, and recover from, stress, challenge and change. It’s our ability to bounce back from the challenges of life.



Our model recognises three primary pillars of resilience: Health, Performance and Relationships. Each pillar is comprised of four key factors – the ‘building blocks’ of resilience. To improve and sustain our resilience we need to attend to the pillars – and we can do this via the building blocks.

Supporting the pillars are the core foundations – the bedrock – of resilience: Self-awareness and Self-management.

Self-awareness is our capacity to observe ourselves without judgement – to be aware of our stress, energy, thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Self-management is the skill of regulating these things at will.

Self-awareness and self-management are the primary areas of focus in our webinars, workshops and eLearning courses. Your staff will discover and experiment with a range of strategies, tools and techniques specifically designed to increase self-awareness and enhance capacity for effective self-management.