‘The webinar exceeded my expectations, I loved that it was science based and tied to what we can do now to help ourselves.’

‘Will really brilliantly broke down the sympathetic NS and parasympathetic NS responses, and how we can intervene on our own behalves.’

‘I am feeling supported, cared about, and most importantly empowered to take charge of my own mental health in simple and practical science based ways.’

‘… an invaluable resource for our staff, helping them to manage the challenges of the workplace and in their everyday lives.’

‘Best presenters at a public service course I have ever attended. They were engaging, interesting, used creative approaches to presenting information – no time for boredom or tuning out in this course!’

‘I especially loved that Will made it so simple (‘recharge’ and ‘reboot’) that even people like me who get overwhelmed very easily can just start getting on with it instead of putting it off in the ‘too hard’ basket.’

‘A brilliant interactive course that gives real options for dealing with stress as opposed to theory based modules.’

‘The best training program I’ve ever done, and should be core compulsory training for every workplace.’

‘Excellent! The techniques were user friendly and applicable to both personal and professional situations.’

‘What a fantastic course! A great investment in staff.’