Change management training courses

Change is inevitable. Organisations are constantly required to adapt to the environment in which they exist in order to stay relevant, efficient and profitable. However, they can only do this via the people they employ. It follows, then, that workplaces that provide organisational change management training for their staff are more likely to succeed.

Why support your staff to manage the effects of change?

Every person responds to change in their own way. However, we know that the majority of people resist change. This is not a sign of weakness or an innate human fault. Rather, it’s simply an acknowledgement of the fact that our brains become habitualised to particular ways of doing things. And it takes time, effort and a certain amount of emotional discomfort to create and embed the neurological circuits required to feel at ease.

Think of how you feel when you approach a stranger for help, start working from home, learn a new IT system or have a difficult conversation with a colleague. Initially (at least for most of us!) these situations and events feel challenging and stressful, even painful! However, simply through practice, we become used to the new environment and experience a corresponding sense of ease.

So the fundamental question here is this: Given that we know resistance to change is inevitable, is it possible to accelerate this process of acceptance, of rehabitualisation? Is it an advantage to support your staff to better manage their emotional reactions and more effectively embrace the process of change?

Thankfully the answer is YES! And this is where we come in.

Skills-based change management training courses

Working Mind specialises in providing staff with the skills they need to increase self-awareness and respond more effectively to the challenges they face. Our approach to learning is practical, experiential, interactive and fun! We present quick, simple and reliable strategies that employees can easily incorporate into their working day.

Through our  resilience webinars, workshops and training programs we specialise in supporting people to reduce stress and sustain high levels of personal and professional performance during organisational change. And we offer comprehensive follow-up support to promote ongoing skill-development and workplace integration.

We provide webinars and organisational change management courses to workplaces in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and major centres around Australia.

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