Resilience training workshops in Melbourne

Working Mind has been delivering resilience training workshops in Melbourne since 2006. We’ve worked with large multinationals such as Toyota and Canon, supporting their staff through major restructures, and assisted disability providers such as the Alkira Centre negotiate the NDIS.

We’ve trained thousands of people to build their resilience. Supporting your staff to build their resilience equips them to better manage their physical and mental health and sustain their performance in the face of change.

 How does resilience training work?

Most things in life happen outside of our control. However, we can learn to control the way we respond. Through a combination of self-awareness and self-management strategies and techniques, it’s possible for us to control our internal function and change the way we think, act and feel at any given time. With this skill-set we can strengthen our health, performance and relationships, and build meaningful resilience to the challenges we face.

Skills-based resilience training gives your staff practical tools to reduce stress quickly, think more clearly and respond more effectively in a world of constant change. It empowers them to be pragmatic and solution-focused, to move away from automatic reaction into the space of inspired action.

The beauty of investing in resilience training is that it translates directly into improved business performance. Resilience training gives employees the tools they need to maintain focus, increase stamina and boost productivity. It empowers them to handle pressure and enhances their capacity for flexibility, creativity and innovation.

Delivery options

Resilience training workshops in Melbourne

We provide resilience training workshops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and to workplaces around Australia.

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