Resilience Programs

Working Mind delivers specialised resilience training programs, webinars and eLearning courses to workplaces around Australia.

Our programs are informed by the latest research in resilience, psychology, neuroscience, mind-body medicine and health behaviour change. We emphasise practicality and include portable, easy-to-learn techniques and strategies that can be used both at work and at home.

We are passionate about workability: knowledge and skills are great, but only if we use them! Workplace integration and personalised support are key components of our programs.

The Working Mind app, designed for the exclusive use of our clients, provides access to the latest resilience techniques, session notes, research articles and integration tools.

Your options:

1. Building Your Personal Resilience

Building Your Personal Resilience is a unique program for supporting your staff to more effectively manage stress, challenge and change.

Through a combination of psychological skills training, physiological stress management techniques and behavioural change tools, your staff will learn how to think more clearly, stay calm under pressure, and sustain a higher level of performance throughout their day.

Building Your Personal Resilience is available as a F2F workshop, three-part eLearning course and a 90-120 minute webinar.

The program is appropriate for L&D calendars, conferences, planning days, team building and WHS interventions.

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2. Managing Self Through Change

Managing Self Through Change empowers staff to build their change resilience. In this practical, skills-based, interactive session, participants learn how to:

  • see change as an unavoidable part of life,
  • recognise the impacts of change on themselves and others
  • take responsibility for their own reactions to change, and
  • view change as an opportunity for personal growth.

Managing Self Through Change is available as a half-day F2F intensive, and as a 90-120 minute webinar.

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3. Resilient Leaders – Managing Self & Staff

Resilient Leaders is a specialised program for building your personal resilience and empowering others to build theirs.

The program provides workplace leaders with the knowledge, expertise and resources they need to identify and implement a practical resilience framework.

Participants explore the importance of modelling resilient behaviours, and develop strategies to support themselves & their team to sustain high performance and respond more effectively to workplace change.

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Our resilience programs are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and major centres around Australia.