Resilience Workshops

Our 1-2 hour resilience workshops are a great way to introduce staff to the key components of resilience. The workshops raise awareness of the relationship between resilience, health and performance, and include practice of simple resilience techniques that can be easily integrated into the working day.

Through their direct personal experience participants discover that they can change the way they think, act and feel at any given time and respond more effectively to the challenges they face.

Our resilience workshops have been specifically designed to address three of the most strongly identified causes of low resilience: prolonged stress, poor sleep, and repetitive thoughts and emotions.

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Our workshops are also available as resilience webinars. Click here to go to our webinars page, or click on the video below for a five-minute preview.

Your options: resilience workshop topics

1. Building Resilience to Workplace Stress

This workshop raises awareness of the impacts of stress on personal and professional performance. We teach participants how to control their stress physiology to reduce stress quickly, improve sleep, increase stamina and build long-term stress resilience.

Participants learn how to stay calm, focused and productive under pressure.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview: resilience, stress & performance
  • What is stress? Recognising signs and symptoms of stress & burnout …

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2. Building a Resilient Mindset

In this workshop participants learn how to enhance their emotional resilience by increasing self-awareness and harnessing their attention. They discover how to improve their mental agility and better manage unhelpful thoughts and emotional reactions using the skill of mindfulness.

We teach participants how to apply these skills in everyday life – to stay calm, balanced and on task in the face of change.

Topics covered include:

  • Emotional resilience & mindfulness: enhancing health, performance and relationships
  • Responding to change: developing an open, aware and flexible mind-set …

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3. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

In this interactive resilience workshop participants learn about the causes of sleep pattern disturbance and discover how to improve their ‘sleep hygiene’. Participants practice a range of relaxation techniques specifically designed to calm the mind at night, improve sleep quality and enhance workplace productivity.

Topics covered include:

  • The sleep cycle – how and why we sleep
  • Causes of sleep disturbance …

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Our resilience workshops are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and major centres around Australia.

Resources & delivery options

Working Mind App

Take-away resources provided through the Working Mind app include:

  • Comprehensive session notes in pdf format
  • Recharge technique practice guidelines, and
  • Two mp3 audio versions of the Recharge technique delivered during the workshop.

Resources also include phone and email support with the workshop facilitator.

Delivery options

60-90 minute workshops:

  • Generally delivered as a lunch-and-learn type of session.
  • Ideal for larger groups, conferences, breakout sessions
  • Recommended maximum of 30 participants.

Two-hour workshops:

  • Ideal for teams and groups of up to 16 participants
  • More intimate style of workshop
  • Increased level of skills training
  • More opportunity for discussion of workplace integration strategies
  • Great for team-building.