Resilience Webinars

Our skills-based, interactive resilience webinars are a convenient and cost-effective way to provide resilience training for your staff.

Our webinars have been specifically designed to address the most strongly identified causes of low resilience: excessive change, prolonged stress, poor sleep, and repetitive or unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

The sessions raise awareness of the relationship between resilience, health and performance, and include practice of simple resilience techniques that can be easily integrated into working and everyday life.

Your options: resilience webinar topics

1. Building Your Personal Resilience

Building Your Personal Resilience, our most popular webinar, combines the key components of webinars 2, 3 & 4 into a single self-management power pack.

Delivered over 90-120 minutes, Building Your Personal Resilience supports participants to:

  • identify the signs and symptoms of compromised resilience
  • assess their resilience supports
  • reduce prolonged and situational stress
  • improve sleep
  • let go of unhelpful thoughts and emotions
  • more effectively transition between ‘work’ and ‘home’, and
  • integrate resilience skills into everyday life.

Take-away resources via the Working Mind app support participants to apply the training throughout their everyday lives.

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2. Building Resilience to Workplace Stress

This webinar raises awareness of the impacts of stress on personal and professional performance. We teach participants how to control their stress physiology to reduce stress quickly, improve sleep, increase stamina and build long-term stress resilience.

Participants learn about the impacts of prolonged stress on the immune system, and how to stay calm, focused and productive in the face of unavoidable change.

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3. Building a Resilient Mindset

In this webinar participants learn how to enhance their emotional resilience by increasing self-awareness and harnessing their attention. They discover how to improve their mental agility and better manage unhelpful thoughts and emotional reactions using the skill of mindfulness.

Participants explore how to apply these skills in everyday life – to stay calm, balanced and on task in the face of change.

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4. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep quality is often one of the first things to be compromised when we’re faced with significant or substantial change. However there are some simple measures that we can take to improve our ‘sleep hygiene’ – to put things in our favour so that we’re more likely to sleep well.

Participants learn and practice a simple yet highly effective relaxation technique specifically designed to calm the mind at night and improve sleep quality.

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5. Managing Self Through Change

Change is inevitable. We can’t avoid it. Whether it’s a restructure, budgetary changes, moving to hot-desking, role changes, systems modernisation or even transitioning from the office to home (and back again), change is always happening. The good news is that we can take some simple steps to support our staff through these times.

Managing Self Through Change supports participants to increase awareness of the impacts of change on their health, performance and relationships. Participants learn how to build their change resilience through a variety of self-management techniques and strategies.

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Take-away Resources

Working Mind App

Take-away resources provided through the Working Mind app include:

  • Comprehensive session notes in pdf format
  • A range of Recharge technique MP3s, and
  • Technique practice guidelines.

Resources also include ongoing phone and email support with the webinar presenter on an as-needs basis.