Skills based resilience training

Working Mind delivers skills based resilience training to corporate employees in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and major centres around Australia.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Most things in life happen outside of our control. However, we can control the way we respond. Through a combination of knowledge, skills and resources we can change the way we think, act and feel at any given time. This creates the space for us to respond more effectively to the challenges we face.


We are committed to evidence-based practice. Our resilience webinars, workshops and eLearning courses are informed by the latest research in resilience, psychology, neuroscience, mind-body medicine and health behaviour change. Our trainers undergo regular professional development to ensure your staff, and your workplace, receive the best possible training outcomes.


Our training is skills-based. Our programs offer a powerful combination of psychological strategies, physiological stress management techniques and behavioural change tools. We provide portable, easy-to-learn skills that can be used both at work and at home – and we practice them in every session.


We are passionate about workability: knowledge and skills are great, but only if we use them! Workplace integration and personalised support are key components of our programs. We provide a comprehensive suite of integration tools including:

  • online self-assessment and self management exercises
  • resilience techniques in mp3 audio format
  • HTML notes and printable pdf workbooks
  • skills enhancement and refresher courses, and
  • ongoing phone and email support.

The Working Mind App

The Working Mind app, designed for the exclusive use of our clients, provides access to the latest resilience techniques, session notes, research articles and integration tools. The app supports participants to apply their training to their working and personal life.